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The Stag, along with all other Volcon off-road dealers in Michigan, will be built using GM’s electric propulsion systems. The GM propulsion system provides instant high power and torque with AWD capabilities, creating exceptional acceleration and speed recovery in a variety of terrains with leading Volcon stag dealers in Michigan. Variably driving modes will allow the driver to adjust the power delivery to optimize performance and range according to the driver’s needs, while the innovative cockpit will provide an industry-leading human-machine interface.

The Stag’s electric propulsion system, as designed and used by GM, allows the use of components of this system in the Stag configuration. The use of these GM components will offer Volcon ATV or UTV vehicle buyers peace of mind and confidence in knowing the drive train was developed by General Motors’ world-class research and development teams. Utilizing GM’s electric vehicle expertise and systems will produce an off-road experience, setting the standard for the entire industry.

To reserve your Stag order directly from the Volcon website and choose 386 Powersports as your dealer for delivery.

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Driving Modes and 4WD

Selectable driving modes optimize performance or range according to the driver’s needs. ECO mode maximizes range with smooth power delivery, while Sport mode provides a more aggressive throttle response for better acceleration. The overboost mode, offered as an option, unleashes more than 140 hp, taking performance to a new level. Tow mode restricts the vehicle maximum speed and builds the torque progressively to assist in hauling heavy loads.

The 4WD system, activated on demand, enhances the Stag’s off-road capability over any terrain. It automatically engages the front wheels whenever the rear wheels lose traction and manages the power distribution between wheels assuring better stability when cornering.

Downhill Skiing
Connected Experience

Capturing and creating content has never been easier or more fun, with two built-in cameras and additional options available. The Stag comes with onboard hardware to process video clips of the action and a special rail for additional camera mounts, making every experience a shareable one.

Rider and passenger devices can always stay connected and charged with multiple USB ports within the dash-mounted charging station. The main dashboard displays essential info such as speed, battery charge, driving mode, brake regeneration and energy consumption. The central display is equipped with camera view, route planner, off-road gauges, connectivity and info about the vehicle status, providing full info for both rider and passenger.

Ski Racing
Space and Cargo

Driver and passenger enjoyment were top of mind as the Stag’s cockpit, rear seating, and cargo area are designed to accomodate up to four people, and gear for their adventure, without compromising leg room or comfort.

For additional cargo space, the rear seats can fold down to expand the cargo space to over 26 cu ft.

With 1,550 lbs of payload and 2,000 lbs of max towing capacity (with towing mode selected), the Stag will be ready for a hard day’s work or exporation in the back forty.

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